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Delighting chocolate lovers all over the world, KIT KAT has become a favourite chocolate treat thanks to its light wafer texture and delicious chocolate taste!

KIT KAT was first created and launched by Rowntree Limited of York, England and was later produced by Nestle which aquired Rowntree in 1988, (except in the USA, where is made under license by Hersheys).

The brand quickly gained much popularity and spread to all corners of the globe, and is now available in over 70 countries in MANY different varieties.

KIT KAT consists of several layers of creme-filled wafer covered in smooth milk chocolate. Each finger of the traditional four finger bar can be snapped off one at a time.

Other types of the popular product have been launched over the last 10 years, including KIT KAT CHUNKY – great to eat on the go and is also available the world over.

Since the beginning, KIT KAT has been synonymous with having a ‘break’. The brand’s trademarked tagline ‘HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KIT KAT’ has come to represent much more than just the physical ‘snap’ of the wafer fingers!


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