Dirty chips



Dirty potato chips.

All-natural. Cholesterol-free. No MSG. No preservatives. No hydrogenated oil. No, we’re not talking abdout the latest health food  craze…We’re talking about “Dirty” Potato Chips, naturally! Our chips are Kosher certified, contain no wheat gluten, and are kettle cooked in a peanut oil blend for that deep, delicious potato chip taste.

Available in the following flavors and sizes:

  • Dirty Chips BBQ
  • Dirty Chips S . CREAM & ONION
  • Dirty Chips SEA SALT
  • Dirty Chips CRACKED PEPPER
  • Dirty Chips JALAPENO
  • Dirty Chips MAUI ONION
  • Dirty Chips SEA SALT & VINEGAR

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Dirty Chips BBQ, Dirty Chips S . CREAM & ONION, Dirty Chips SEA SALT, Dirty Chips CRACKED PEPPER, Dirty Chips JALAPENO, Dirty Chips MAUI ONION, Dirty Chips SEA SALT & VINEGAR


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